Entry: Neem Ka Ped Mar 7, 2004

Didnt tell you all about 'Neem Ka Ped' right..and Sukhiram

ok, there was this really nice serial on Doordarshan called "Neem Ka Ped". It had Pankaj Kapoor in the lead role and he played an agricultural labourer for a landlord..

Neem Ka Ped!

This neem tree from : http://www.rogersgardens.com/

It was a simple serial..wonderfull acting by everyone., especially pankaj kapoor....probably one of the most under talked serials of all times...people speak about nukkad and hum log and also about buniyad...but no one speaks about Neem kA Ped..which i believe deserves equal respect.

Anyways, i was very impressed with the serial and i still am,... the serail talks about the life of a labourer and his landlord..about his despondency..and his loyalty..his helplessness and his angst...oh my goodness it was wonderful..

Pankaj Kapur plays the character of Budhiram or "Budhia" as everyone calls him . His wife is carrying . A loyal servant, his landlord had given hiven him a small piece of land, just sufficient for him to make a small hut for. He is very happy about it .. and feels indebted to the landlord.

But he doesnt want his child to lead the same life ...he wants him to have a better life. He decides on a name "Sukhiram" so that when it iis shortened it would still be "Sukhia" ...still a good name. And he doesnt want anyone to call him sukhiya too....the name is sukhiram,,and should be called sukhiram..

On the day , the kid is born, Budhia plants a small neem ka ped near his hut, on 'his" small of land...the neem ka ped will, he thinks grow with his sukhiram.

Often, budhia would speak to this neem ka ped , sometimes tell him what landlord was telling him, sometimes cry , sometimes just sit around.......

this neem ka ped was the mute testimony to all that Budhia went through..

he saw Sukhia, ..am sorry Sukhiram,,,play around it....
saw sukhiram going to school...
listened to budhia 's angst and fears
silently witnessed how budhia 's landlord fought with his brothers .
witnesses budhia caught in a court case ....being loyal to his landlord...
saw Sukhiram vald budhiram becoming a minister and then joining with all those who oprssed his father for long years..

it was a great serial..a sad serial....

I am stuck by Budhia's imagination, his talks with the tree.., his fears,,, his relationship with his landlord. I understand the relaionship between a landlord and his labourer is far more complex than is reported in all the newspapers.

The laborer is bonded by something more than a piece of land or a some debt ....no doubt it all existed to. opression existed. But i think, it was nt felt as much as it is made out to be....generations were burdened with loans which there forefathers took..but these has to be reasons,,why things continue.

iTS diffciult for me to explain. Those of us , who have had watched neem ka ped , would understant , perhaps....idont really know..

i wish i could watch it once more..

the serial was based on a novel by Rahi Masoom Raza
the title song of the serial was brilliant too.. sung by jagjit singh

went something like ....

Muh ki baat sune har koi,
dil ke dard ke jaane kaun,
awazon ke bazarron mein,
Khamoshi pehchane kaun....

I am telling you , the relationship is far more complex then it appears on the surface...

anyways, my little duranta has nothing to do with budhia or his neem ka ped. But i have named it sukhiram ....in rememberance of the great impact the serial has caused on me...i wish i could develop a relatedness with my little duranta ...as budhia did with his neem ka ped.

so long folks..



January 26, 2007   02:26 AM PST
I absolutely share your feelings for this TV serial.Like most of us i was also a young kid at that point of time, but still it had a great impact on me.I still remember how pankaj kapoor's eyes would speak the emotions of his character.Every thing in the serial was so fine tuned.I specially like the ghazal which was the title track it clearly expressed the feelings of both budhai and his neem ka ped.I have been searching for this ghazal for a long time but have not been able to find.Anyways it was nice sharing my feelings with you all.

September 1, 2006   12:38 AM PDT

It was wonderful to read the neem ka ped story that u have written...I had forgotten most of it, but as I read, all those memories became fresh...I was a small kid when I watched Neem Ka Ped...and I used to love it...the title song was exquisite...it's wonderful to read u'r blog...


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