Sukhiram, my little Duranta

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Kingdom--------------------->Plantae Plants
__Subkingdom-------------->Tracheobionta Vascular plants
___Superdivision----------->Spermatophyta Seed plants
____Division---------------->Magnoliophyta Flowering plants
______Class----------------->Magnoliopsida Dicotyledons
____________Family------->Verbenaceae Verbena family
_____________Genus------>Duranta L. duranta

Feb 23, 2004
About Duranta

Duranta erecta
Family: Verbenaceae (verbena or vervain family)
Common Names: Duranta, pigeonberry, skyflower

Duranta is a sprawling, sometimes vinelike tender evergreen shrub or small tree that can get up to 18 ft (5.5 m) tall and just as wide. It usually forms a multi-stemmed clump with branches that droop and trail. The ovate leaves are 1-3 in (2.5-7.6 cm) long and arranged on the stem in pairs opposite each other, or in whorls of three. Some bushes are quite spiny, and some have no spines at all. The showy flowers bloom almost all year long in terminal or lateral clusters (racemes, actually) up to 6 in (15.2 cm) long. The individual flowers are tubular with five petals, light blue to violet or purple, and flare out at the mouth about 0.5 in (1.3 cm) across. The fruit is a spherical yellow drupe about 0.5 in (1.3 cm) in diameter borne in showy hanging bunches.

The cultivar, 'Alba' has white flowers, 'Grandiflora' has larger flowers, about 3/4 in (1.9 cm), and 'Variegata' has variegated leaves.

Duranta is native to scrub and open woodlands in the West Indies and Central and South America. It occurs also in disturbed areas in southern Florida where it is generally believed to have been introduced, although some authors have suggested that it might be native to the Florida Keys. Duranta also has become established in southern Texas.

In India : the plant is used as a hedge and is called Nilkanta.

Duranta is easy to grow and requires little care. It tends to sprawl and will need regular thinning and pruning to keep it under control.
Light: Does best in full sun. Tolerates partial shade.
Moisture: Needs regular watering. Duranta is only moderately drought tolerant.
Hardiness: USDA Zones 9 - 11. In Zone 8 the shrub dies to ground after hard freezes but resprouts in spring. It typically recovers quickly enough to bloom, but probably not set berries, by the following season's first frost.
Propagation: Duranta can be grown from seeds or started with cuttings from semi-hard wood in summer. It also can be propagated by layering in spring.

The brilliant sky blue flowers give the Duranta shrub its other name skyflower (not be confused with the other skyflower, the tropical vine Thunbergia grandiflora. Download a large version of this image.
Duranta is used as a small street tree in southern Florida. It is often used as a specimen shrub or in a hedge or windbreak. Create a mixed hedge for butterflies and hummingbirds with Duranta and other flowering shrubs such as firebush (Hamelia patens), butterflybush (Buddleja davidii), firespike (Odontonema strictum), ixora (Ixora spp.), and cape honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis). It makes a fast-growing screen. Duranta is grown as an espalier against a wall and is often grown in a planter on the patio. Duranta tolerates acidic to slightly alkaline soils and is moderately salt tolerant.

This is a very showy shrub with pretty blue flowers that attract butterflies and bright golden berries that are relished by songbirds - both often present on the plant at the same time. Duranta is recommended as a nectar plant in subtropical butterfly gardens. Individual plants may sprawl, but it is not invasive.

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hi all, managed to get the classification for my dear sukhiram. Its down there .. classification reminds me of std tenth. Or was it 9th, anyways , i remember how Ms Korane our biology teacher insisted that we remember all the classifications by heart !! doing that for this single plantof mine is not a tough job.

Got this classification from plant profile section of

Kingdom--------------------->Plantae Plants
__Subkingdom-------------->Tracheobionta Vascular plants
___Superdivision----------->Spermatophyta Seed plants
____Division---------------->Magnoliophyta Flowering plants
______Class----------------->Magnoliopsida Dicotyledons
____________Family------->Verbenaceae Verbena family
_____________Genus------>Duranta L. duranta

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Feb 22, 2004

iTS NOT durantia!!

Its called Duranta!! Searched the net for Durantia.... found everything but a plant.

so the mystery plant is Duranta

Posted at 06:58 pm by Puneet
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actually golden leAVES

picture from

I think duranta, has a good name golden dewdrops....and lots of other names implying its goldennes....i think its because of ots light coloured 'golden' leaves and folliage..

Posted at 03:49 pm by Puneet
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Feb 18, 2004
got the name....

well, today after the closs PG asked for the plant ..and offcourse i had my mystery plant. But he was asking eah one of us the name of the plant. ...gave a puzzled look when he asked me....he got it ....i had just picked the plant from somewhere ......laughed....n told me its durantia...

so the mystery plant is called durantia...

Posted at 06:15 pm by Puneet
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Feb 17, 2004
Mystery Plant

Feeling guilty today.But got a plant !

Met prof oak again today . Didnt do any of the things that prof oak had asked me to do and neither did i went out and to empress garden nursery.

But it seems that prof was in a hurry and said i could take any plant from his backyard in the department. I was more than happy. More because he didnt ask me a question !!

Back there, well there were many plants ..none seemed attractive. None carried a flower. Difficult to choose. But eventually took one up ,,which was rooted in some earth in cut bottle of some mineral water.

Nothing great about this plant. But i took it because of the colour of the leaves. Actually, there is this huge tree at the junction near the amphitheatre. The one where, you have road to go towards the ground , one road towards IMDR, one towards the fc main building and the other towards the amphitheatre and hostel.

When you walk down from the hostel , this is the junction immediately following the amphitheatre. So, on this junction, you have this big tree, the leaves of which i could see from some distance as i walk from the hostel towards the insti..

The leaves , appear to be lighter in shade to the normal green leaves. They appear to be slightly "flourescentish" and the tree looks real handsome when there is some breeze on.

Have been watching this tree every time i go to the insti. Not so when i am coming back . wondering why not? there has to be some reason,,, why dont i notice it when i am coming back.

Maybe coz most of the times its late in the night that i get back...

anyways, so this plant reminded me of that tree. Even this plant has leaves which have a colour lighter than the normal plants around.

And it looks health :)

and lots of leaves.

but its a mystery plant forme. Dont even know its name. .....

Anyways,...i got something to show to ghorpade in the next class....


Posted at 05:57 pm by Puneet
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Feb 16, 2004
Meeting prof Oak


Today in the afternoon went and met prof Oak in the FC botany department. I had to literally push myself to do that. Its getting very hot these days and i feel sleepy all afternoon. But i think its time i should get a plant for myself soon.

It was nice meeting prof Oak. Searched for him in the botany department and found him in a class room,,,or was it a lab. I think it was a lab. Well through the half closed doors i peeked in, and somebody pointed and told me who is mrof oak. Old man,, almost 60 i thought. And seemed very very friendly with his students. Was speaking in marathi about some plans of an excursion. hIS Students seem to enjoy time with him. Waiting for him to come ....for 10 min outside his class... lI spent a good time.

I was happy , I was in the FC buildings. I like to be in such old buildings.

Met prof Oak. Very friendly . Told him, I need a plant and told him Doc had referred . He seemed pleased. I had thought , he would just give me a plant , just like that. Offcourse , I was willing to pay if he asks for.

He asked for more .
Wanted me to make a layout of the place i intend to plant the plant.
Make observations about how much sunlight does this place get. How many hours of the day?
Is it during the early morning or later in the day?
How much shade is there.?
Intensity of sunlight.....

my my... never thought will have to do as much.

he asked me to go and meet one mr vaishampayan at Empress gardens , who, he says would give me plants at a reasonable rate , with lots of advise offcourse.

thanked prof oak,, and told him i will be back to him soon with the lay outs and all....

Thats really a task on my hand now..

spent rest of the day sleeping in the stack room. I must say, that the stack room is wonderfully cool and is gradually becoming a den for siesta lovers like me.

so long

Posted at 05:47 pm by Puneet
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Feb 14, 2004
choose a plant

PG requires us to get a plant. Now where am i going to find a plant. Talked to doc about it. He said I should go and meet prof Oak in the botany department of Fergusson college. Told me , prof oak is an old man , short and very friendly. He is often seen in the IMDR canteen. Am feeling so very sleepy this moment. Its already getting hot here in the lab.

Posted at 02:08 pm by Puneet
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Feb 13, 2004
choosing a plant,,,well

Choosing a little plant for a course submission, well that sounds really ridiculous to me. I wonder how people are so convinced that you can drive thoughts and ideas like these through the throats of the gullible masses.

Anyways, ghorpade says we got to maintain a diary or something about this plant that we take. Thats not bad, but i am convinced that i cannot ever find time to write down a diary at the end of the day.....cannot find time,,,well thats not true....but yes, I am not motivated enough to do as much.

What i would rather do is maintain a blog and put in whatever i can think of , from here and there and lets see how this blog grows.

So much for now...

Posted at 12:53 pm by Puneet
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I hope my Sukhiram has some violets soon!!
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General Information
Scientific name: Duranta repens
Pronunciation: doo-RAN-tuh REE-penz
Common name(s): Golden Dewdrop, Sky-Flower,Pigeonberry
Family: Verbenaceae
Plant type: shrub
Planting month : year round
Origin: native to Florida, US

Uses: border; mass planting; specimen; container or aboveground planter; naturalizing; screen; reclamation plant; espalier;foundation; attracts butterflies; cascading down a wall

Availablity: somewhat available, may have to go out of the region to find the plant

Height: 8 to 15 feet
Spread: 10 to 15 feet
Plant habit: round; weeping
Plant density: moderate
Growth rate: fast
Texture: medium

Leaf arrangement: whorled
Leaf type: simple
Leaf margin: serrate
Leaf shape: ovate
Leaf venation: brachidodrome; pinnate
Leaf type and persistence: evergreen
Leaf blade length: 2 to 4 inches
Leaf color: green
Fall color: no fall color change
Fall characteristic: not showy


Flower color: paleblue
Flower characteristic: pleasant fragrance; spring flowering;summer flowering; fall flowering


Fruit shape: round
Fruit length: less than .5 inch
Fruit cover: fleshy
Fruit color: yellow
Fruit characteristic: persists on the plant

Trunk and Branches
Trunk/bark/branches: not particularly showy; typically multitrunked or clumping stems
Current year stem/twig color: green
Current year stem/twig thickness: medium


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Word - Duranta

Duranta, an Al Qaeda military base outside Jalalabad

-Sanskrit - Duranta Dangerously;unsurpassable;insurmountable,Limitless

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Golden leaves!!
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